Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement means removing the arthritic femoral head and replacing it with a femoral prosthesis and also replacing the arthritic socket of the hip.

There are an enormous number of prostheses available with many different philosophies and bearing components. Some use cement to fix to the patient’s bone and others avoid cement with a press fit technique. The bearing surfaces range from traditional metal and special plastic or polyethylene, to ceramic on ceramic, or ceramic on polyethylene. The latter 2 are thought to be better wearing and tend to be used in the younger patients. Metal on metal carries a risk of adverse reaction to the wear debris and is therefore no longer offered by Mr Thomas.

Mr Thomas uses well tried and tested prostheses that have an excellent survivorship and track record. (ODEP rating 10a)

The surgery can be done through many different approaches but along with many specialist hip surgeons, he believes the best approach is the one that spares most of the important muscles around the hip, to get the best result in terms of soft tissue balance and avoidance of a limp after surgery. This is the posterior approach and can be done through a minimal incision in thin patients.