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Hip Osteotomy

This essentially means making a cut in the bone beneath the hip joint to reposition the hip and change the biomechanics of how the joint functions. It is a technique that has been used for over 50yrs and for the correct situation can relieve pain and improve the patients function significantly. It is a technically demanding procedure and this is perhaps why it is not offered by many hip surgeons It can also be effective in delaying the need for joint replacement in moderate arthritis of the hip joint..

It can be particularly helpful after disease processes such as Perthes and Slipped Uppper Femoral Epiphysis of the hip.


Post op rehabilitation

After a major osteotomy such as that shown above, the patient needs to be on crutches non weight bearing on the operated leg for 6 weeks. Physiotherapy to move the hip and knee and strengthen the leg takes place during this time.

Complications from Osteotomy surgery.

Again this is not frequent but there can be a delay in bone healing which may mean being on crutches for longer than 6 weeks. There is also a risk of wound infection and metal work failure.